Christmas Is Live!

Christmas Is Live!
24th November 2020 Ben Varley

Christmas From Sailbrand at Home

It’s arrived…the time has come to start planning the family Christmas feast!

I’m sure we can all agree that Christmas is about getting the family around the table, in terrible jumpers, telling terrible jokes, and enjoying delicious food. We can’t do much about the jumpers and our jokes are too bad even for Christmas crackers, BUT..we can help with the food!

We’ve put together a specially designed page with Christmas at it’s heart, to help you plan for the big day. We’ve got all you need, from the staples such as turkey butterflies and pigs in blankets, right through to luxurious British cheese’s, indulgent lobster and stunning caviar.


The link to the page is HERE, have a browse and if there’s anything you can’t see, give us a call and we’ll do our best!