Seafood Gratin

Seafood Gratin
17th November 2020 Lee Roberts

Seafood Gratin-Feeds 4. This is so simple, but adds a touch of luxury to your mid week dinner repertoire.


500g fish or your choice, cut into large chunks-our whole fish sides work perfectly for this, and you can keep the other 500g for another use. You can see of range of whole sides by clicking HERE

8 large king prawns, or 1 lobster split in half if you’re feeling extravagant!

100g panko breadcrumbs

50g butter

Handful of chopped herbs, any mix of basil, parsley, thyme, dill or chives

2 leeks

1 bunch of asparagus

A good handful of washed baby spinach

2 cloves garlic

150 ml double cream

250 ml fish or chicken stock

50g parmesan grated

100ml good white wine

Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the breadcrumbs, fry until golden and crisp. Allow to cool then mix through the herbs.

In a separate pan, sweat the leeks until soft over a medium heat with the garlic, then add the wine. Turn up the heat to high and reduce by half, then add the stock and reduce by half again. At this point add the cream, check the seasoning and adjust. When it’s come back to the boil, add the fish and remaining veg to the pan and switch off. Allow to sit in the hot pan for 5 minutes. Do not stir, allow the fish to rest on top of the sauce, it should almost cover it but not quite.

If the pan is grill proof (does not have any plastic handles) then you can leave the mix in the pan, if not then carefully transfer to a suitable casserole type dish.

Top with the herby breadcrumbs and the parmesan, then grill until golden and the fish is just cooked. Allow to rest for 5 minutes at least before serving.