We’re Here To Stay!

We’re Here To Stay!
6th April 2021 Ben Varley

We’re Here To Stay!


I don’t know about you, but in the last year or so I must’ve heard the words ‘strange’ ‘unprecedented’ and ‘challenging’ more times than I care to remember!

But the truth is, much has changed for most of us in the last year! As a wholesale seafood supplier, lockdown took away our core customer base – restaurants, pubs and hotels, and we, like many others, have had to adapt in order to keep our doors open.

That’s where you lovely lot came in! Making the switch from wholesaler to home delivery has been an amazing experience. We’ve loved getting to know so many of you over the phone and your support has been so heart warming – it literally has kept us going!

We’ve enjoyed the transition so much that we have decided to make home delivery a permanent feature – long after covid and lockdown are distant memories! We will continue to offer doorstep delivery on all our products, we will keep innovating and developing new products for you to try and our shop in Huddersfield will always be open to the public!

So, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting us through the ‘strangest’, most ‘unprecedented’ and ‘challenging’ times we’ve had…. here’s to the future!

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What Next?

Not only have we decided to keep home deliveries going, we are also looking at ways to improve and expand!

More ready to eat platters, specials, seasonal fish boxes, bbq platters and subscriptions are just some of the things we’ll be implementing in 2021.

Make sure you keep an eye on our social media – we are on Facebook and Instagram as sailbrand at home, and keep checking back with us here on the website for new products!